An Era On A Face - Portrait Painting by Hariom Singh (ART_1246_49341) - Handpainted Art Painting - 18in X 24in

Delivered within 7-10 days when ordered as Unframed, and 10-14 days when ordered as Framed.
The color green itself signifies growth and life and the same can be seen on the face of the wise old man from Rajasthan. The expression on his face speaks more than one lingo at a time yet wisdom tops the list. The white beard and those wrinkles around his face are only not because he has grown old. They also talk about the ups and downs he has faced over the tenure of his face and the knowledge he has gained from them to guide his young generations. Adding more to the facts of the painting, this is a live portrait finished by a talented artist. The one who did not miss to capture even a single detail of his face. Product Code-ART_1246_49341
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