BUDDHA & YASHODHARA (ART_5750_33160) - Handpainted Art Painting - 21in X 27in (Framed)

$ 287.50
Delivered within 10-14 days.
Dreamy Wash Paintings From the Artist’s desk This is a very old technique originated in Shanti Niketan of West Bengal India. Now a days it’s a dying art as only 5 to 6 people in the country is actually doing it. This is what inspired me. You can find similar paintings in National gallery of Modern art Delhi. I visited the gallery ages ago and was keen to learn this and finally made it. It’s a technique where you wash the paper after every coat of color that is applied. I simply over enjoyed doing this painting. In case you want this to be made on order or customize any painting, then please reach out to the seller at nidhijais1979@gmail.com This is an Original Handmade painting. Made of heavy gsm / weight paper & water color. this is a unique style of painting called as wash painting. Framed with wood & Glass, double mounted inside to give it a royal look. Disclaimer – every painting is hand crafted individually & unique in its own. Pictures are just the representation of the actual artwork or painting. In actual the colors will vary slightly due to effect of the camera. Package contains - 1 painting - Framed with Glass, double mounted & wooden frame.
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