Deliveries might be delayed !



Dear Customer


As you know COVID19 has created a havoc worldwide, and affected billions of lives and tens of thousands of businesses. We are no different.


However we have quickly adapted ourselves to this, and invented new ways of running the business - to as close to normal. Proud to say that our operations are running smoothly as of now.


We are continuing to offer you full range of our products, right from handmade paintings, canvas prints, custom size artworks, portraits and frames.


In current scenario of pandemic, any city or town or even country can go into lockdown or restricted mode again. As a part of risk mitigation, we have setup an alternate fulfilment centre in Delhi, India. If our main fulfilment centre based in Pune, India goes into lockdown or restricted mode, all orders will be fulfilled from Delhi. Hence you can be rest assured that shipping from our end is sorted.


Please note there can be delay in delivery of your order if

  1. Your locality/town/city or country is in lockdown/restricted mode. Courier partner will hold your shipments in this case, and deliver once restrictions are removed.
  2. Artist’s locality/town/city or country is in lockdown/restricted mode. Artist will ship once the lockdown/restricted mode is removed
  3. For international deliveries, clearance of shipments will take a little time if customs are overloaded.
  4. For international deliveries, there might be new documentation work introduced in every country for contactless clearances. Courier partners will take time to fulfil it.
  5. If you have ordered a border frame - then we only have Pune fulfilment centre taking care of it. If there is a lockdown in Pune, it will be hold here until restrictions are removed.


On an average we are seeing 2 to 7 days additional days for delivery in India than mentioned on product page. For international, the delivery timelines are bit more varied - even to the same country. It can be 3 to 15 days higher than normal. In many cases both domestic, and international deliveries are getting delivered without any delay also. There is no specific pattern to this, hence estimating accurate delivery time is a little difficult. However the best part is that the shipments are getting delivered in reasonable timeframe, even in the state of growing pandemic.


We kindly request all our customers to keep all these things in mind before placing an order.  Everybody in the supply chain is trying their best to deliver your artworks to you as soon as possible, however there might be situations that would be beyond ours or theirs control - due to which delay in delivery can be inevitable.


If you have need artwork urgently (maybe you need it to gift someone, or need it for house warming or a function) - then we request you to talk to us on +918822866866 first or email us on with artworks selected, delivery timeline and delivery address. We will inform you beforehand if we can meet the same.


If there is no hard delivery timeline and a delay of few days (if at all) is fine by you, then you can simply proceed with checkout.  We are anyway trying our best to deliver to you ASAP.


Please note as per our new return policy - following requests can’t be accepted once order is processed

  1. Cancellation / refund of a customised size handmade painting that is already made, but unable to ship or delayed in transit
  2. Cancellation / refund request of artwork that is already printed, but unable to ship or delayed in transit
  3. Cancellation / refund request of artwork that is already framed, but unable to ship or delayed in transit
  4. Cancellation / refund request of portrait that is already made, but unable to ship or delayed in transit
  5. Cancellation / refund requests for orders already shipped or delayed in transit
  6. Cancellation / refund requests for orders delayed due to lockdown/restrictions in your location


If you have ordered a default size handmade painting without frame, then you cancel/ask for refund anytime before we ship it, or after you receive it. This is applicable for deliveries in India.


We request you your kind support in this difficult times, and assure you that your order is safe with us. We are taking every step possible to ship your order as soon as possible. For any queries please reach us out on or call us on +91 8822866866.


We request you to take care of yourself and your family, and stay safe !



Anand Khinvasara

CEO, Fizdi