The Masked emotions (ART_4037_62082) - Handpainted Art Painting - 26in X 32in

Size in Centimetres : 65 cm X 80 cm

MRP $ 686.23 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 7-10 days when ordered as Unframed, and 10-14 days when ordered as Framed.
It is an awesome piece depicting “the masked emotions” on a human face using colors. There are various emotions that everyone hides behind the beautiful face, which goes unexpressed and masked. This particular painting tries to show some of those emotions. Red is used to depict anger, embarrassment, passion, and lust. Most of the times anger and embarrassments are the emotions that everyone tries to mask, exactly what makes red to be the dominant color in this painting. Green is used to depict disgust, envy, and greed. Yellow is used to depict cowardice, happiness, and caution. Happiness is also one such emotion that not everyone would like to share. The rest are some of the emotions that are equally hidden, hence use in equal balance. This is the view of the creator but it is also open for the viewers to have a wide imagination. It has consumed about 3 days and for 2 times it has been dried and layered with different colors. The painting has got a very fine artwork. It is one of the rarest paintings where “The masked emotions” are tried to be shown using colors. The specialty of the painting is a presentation of the colors using sgraffito, giving it a texture of ups and downs, last but not least the eye-catching fiery eyes. Product Code-ART_4037_62082
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