Customizable Paintings & Artworks

Get Handmade Paintings or Prints in any size you wish. Find button "Order in Custom Size" on painting details page, and enter the sizes needed. Check quote, add to cart and place order online. We make small sizes from 12 inch to big size like 108 inches.

Handmade Paintings can be ordered in any size (proportionate or unproportionate to the original size) upto 108 inches. For example, say original painting size is 24in x 24in, you can also order this artwork in size say 36in x 24in. Our artists will repaint the painting in your size, without disturbing the soul of the painting. We are probably the only company in the world to offer this service online, and in size upto 108 inches. It takes our artists 7 to 10 days to repaint the handmade painting.

Canvas prints can be ordered in proportionate sizes only upto 60 inches on one side, and upto 200in on other. For example, say print size is 24in x 24in, you can only order it in proportionate size such as 36in x 36in, or 48in x 48in. One side has be less than or equal to 60in. It takes us a day or two to print and dispatch your order.


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