Eclipse-Life cycle through Moon cycle (PRT_5044_58035) - Canvas Art Print - 24in X 24in

Size in Centimetres : 60 cm X 60 cm

MRP £ 95.88 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 2-5 days when ordered as Unframed, and 5-7 days when ordered as Framed.
Eclipse: Depiction of the tale of human struggle. Through the eyes of the moon, the deepest and darkest phase of human is been depicted through the "Eclipse" art. Hanging on to the hope of completion of the cycle and rising back up yet again. This art is a message and a reminder that every eclipse is painfully hard and yet shall surely pass. Eclipse, a Melancholy Sleepless are some nights, Emotionless are some days, Meaningless are those smiles I put on to conceal that state. Unable to retrace that blocked vein, Desperately waiting in the vacuum, gasping for air in pain, Miserably I fail, to comprehend the cause of this strain. Simpler were those days when sadness remembered to knock before play, But, Today, neither do I feel nor do I hear the footsteps before she stops by to stay. How I wish I knew what drove her to visit me so soon again this day, Only then could I bid her goodbye and build a stronger gate for tomorrow, Today.Product Code-PRT_5044_58035
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