Festivities among Santhal Tribe (ART_7191_43601) - Handpainted Art Painting - 21in X 29in

Size in Centimetres : 52 cm X 72 cm

MRP ₹36,690 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 7-10 days when ordered as Unframed, and 10-14 days when ordered as Framed.
Indian Paintings Traditional Art - Tribal Painting: "Festivities among Santhal TribeÓ by Bahadur Chitrakar - Original Handmade Indian Art Paintings (Tribal Art) for sale online in Fizdi Ð Fizdi.com - 21"W x 29"H Bahadur Chitrakar, an Indian artist from a village in Medinipur, West Bengal, India, specializes in two traditional folk art form of Bengal - Patachitra style of scroll painting and Kalighat painting style. Bahadur belongs to a family of ÔChitrakarsÕ or ÔpaintersÕ (Indian artists), where painting is a tradition, which is passed on from one generation to the next in the family. He too learnt the art watching his parents and grandparents practicing it during his childhood years. He prefers to paint over paper than the traditional medium cloth irrespective of the painting style he would follow, and would use homemade natural colors mostly derived from plant extracts. Product Code-ART_7191_43601
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