Jesus on the cross (PRT_7941_55344) - Canvas Art Print - 18in X 24in

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This is a Printed Painting on Canvas. Prints are a budget-friendly way to decorate your homes with fine paintings. We use exceptional quality inks and printers to give you the most detail rich prints that look great on any wall. This fade resistant print will beautify your wall for many decades to come.

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  • Scratch & Fade Resistant
  • Fizdi Assured Quality
  • 340 GSM, Poly Cotton Canvas with Satin Finish
  • Odour Free, Eco Friendly Inks
  • Licensed Artwork
  • Black Margin Area for better look on Borderless Frames.
  • Max Printing Size upto 60in on one side and 200in on other.
  • Artwork Specific Printing Setup
  • Saturated Ink Layers for Handmade-like Feel
Jesus on the cross digital print in zentangle art form. TheÊSayings of Jesus on the cross, sometimes called theÊSeven Last Words from the Cross. 1. Forgiveness 2. Salvation 3. Relationship 4. Abandonment 5. Distress 6. Triumph 7. ReunionProduct Code-PRT_7941_55344


Size in Centimetres:
45 cm X 60 cm
Product Type:
Printed Painting
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Height (Inches):
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