Mata ni pachedi (ART_7675_52299) - Handpainted Art Painting - 32in X 29in

Size in Centimetres : 80 cm X 72 cm

MRP ₹35,090 incl. of all taxes
Delivered within 7-10 days when ordered as Unframed, and 10-14 days when ordered as Framed.
¥ Mata-ni-Pachedi is a traditional art of painting of the image of Goddesses on a piece of cloth, mostly with Maroon and Black ink on white cotton cloth. It also has multi-coloured animated images of Gods and Goddesses, devotees, followers, flora and fauna with a narrative story. Mata-ni-Pachedi in Gujarati where Mata means ÔGoddessÕ, ni means Ôbelongs toÕ and Pachedi means ÔbehindÕ. ¥ When people of the nomadic Vaghari community of Gujarat were barred from entering temples, they made their own shrines with depictions of the Mother Goddess of different forms on to the cloth. These artists, known as Chitaras, are presently living near Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. ¥ Handpainted Mata Ni Pachedi - the traditional temple hangings used by the nomadic Vaghari tribes of Gujarat for worshipping of Mother Goddess, while on the move. This Pachedi depicts Ambe Mata on a Lion, divine symbol of great power and slayer of Evil. Notice the temple like architectural pattern around the throne of the deity. Red is the color of life and verve, Black is believed to ward off evil, and white stands for purity. Every square inch of the paper is filled with minute depictions of related stories. All of these have been hand painted over a period of 15 days. Each fine line in the painting is an expert stroke of artist who believe they transfer their soul to the Goddess by painting each and every line with their own hands. The art is considered Sacred, and although the artistic value has increased over the years, artists insist that the paintings be treated with reverence, for they are tribute to the Mother Goddess, and are believed to ward off evil. ¥ All around her we see the three Lokas as we generally know in Hindu Mythgology. ¥ In Hindu cosmology, the Universe is divided into the three worlds: Svarga (Heaven), Prithvi or Martya (Earth/Mortal plane) and Patala (the Underworld). ¥ In the painting at the bottom is the Patala loka, Aquatic animals: Fish, Tortoise Mermaids, and other flora and fauna can be seen, all paying obeisance to the Goddess and swimming in the rich colour of sea water. The details are captured with keen eye for precision. ¥ Next we see the Prithvi or the Earth that we live in. Soldiers and Kings, courtiers singing paeans to the Goddess. There are also animals, birds to complete the entire living beings on the earth. The painting gives the feeling of all the devotees in motion, praying to the Goddess. ¥ Next we see Gods and Yakshas in the Swarga. They shower petals on the God. Festoons do hang in welcoming the Goddess while she is resplendent in her attire watching all the three creations with sublime love and caring. ¥ An effort to showcase the traditional art of Gujarat to ensure socio-economic justice, through the rich heritage of Gujarat. The colour combination, Maroon, Black, Whites and the yellow arch, all lend an attractive texture to this unique piece of painting. It would be an enviable painting that could adorn a happy family drawing room.Product Code-ART_7675_52299
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