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I am an artist and wish to sell on Fizdi. Can I do so ?

Yes, we have a special section for Artists called as Artist Portal that helps Artists register and sell on If you are a new artist to, you can register on link above.

What are the requirements for joining Fizdi as an artist / dealer?

1. You must have minimum of 10 artworks to go live 2. Artwork quality should be really good. 3. Your artworks must be original, and 100% handmade. If you are not sure about quality of your artworks you can sent the images of your paintings to for our feedback before creating an account.

What is the process for selling on the platform ?

1. First create an account on 2. Complete your bio 3. Upload your paintings

Your paintings would then be checked by our curators, and exhibited on the website if found meeting our minimum quality requirements. If any of your painting is sold we will call/email you and inform you of the next process. Once painting reaches our premises, we will do a quality check and forward it to the customer. After 15 days of receiving the painting at our premises, we will make payment directly to your bank account specified at the time of registration.

Do you charge any registration fees ?

Please note Registration, Display of Paintings and Marketing activities are all free services provided by Fizdi for benefit of artists.

Do you also sell prints ?

Currently print option is not open to all artists. Please only upload handmade artpieces that are in stock. Out-of-stock artpieces are not allowed.

Who decides the price of the artwork ?

It would be decided by you. There are no restriction on prices as such. However if we feel that price put and quality of art greatly differ - then we may not approve the artwork. We only add 28% percent commission on top of your expected in-hand price + 12% GST.

Would you not pay me first, before I ship my painting ?

No, payments will only be done after 20 days from date of receiving the painting at our premises. 10000+ Artists have trusted us over years, and you can too. Please be assured about the payment.

Do I need to frame my painting before sending it you ?

No, we prefer if you keep the painting in unframed format. Or in a format, where it can be easily removed from the frame and shipped to us on order. If you upload the paintings as framed, the cost of the painting increases a lot. Because we add 2 way courier cost above our commission. We understand many artists need to frame their art to hold local exhibitions. We suggest to do stretcher framing in this case, so that painting can be easily unpinned and removed when somebody orders the painting. Make sure you upload your painting as Rolled Canvas in this case to avoid escalation of costs.

What if customer didn't like my painting ?

We have an unconditional 15-days return policy for customers. In case customer wish to return the painting, we will first recall it to our premises and check for any damage. If found okay, we will forward it back to you. Returns usually happens when image shared by artist is too different from the actual painting. So make sure your images and actual painting are in sync. It is recommended you shoot your paintings via professional photographer.

What kind of paintings are accepted ?

We need 100% Handmade paintings that are in stock. Any kind of subject / medium / surface is allowed except glass and powdery chalk/pastel/charcoal based artworks. If your medium/surface is not listed in our list shown while you upload a painting, it is better to have a word with us before upload your artworks.

How will my art be promoted ?

We have lot of online channels where we promote your art. We are experts in online marketing, and will have customers give your art due attention it deserves.

How many paintings do you sell yearly ?

We sell thousands of paintings per year.

How quickly can you sell my painting ?

We can't assure you how quickly we can sell your painting, or if your painting will sell - it really all depends on the customer choices and preferences - but you can be assured of best efforts from us.

What type of paintings sell ?

There is no fixed formula as to what kind of paintings sell. We encourage our artists to try out different styles, and subjects in modern taste to see better results. Fizdi is more of a platform where customers look for art for decorating their homes, not only for art collection. So it is advisable to have both kind of genres in your collection - decorative paintings as well as deep art. To be able to find success on the platform please consider following tips

1. Please upload atleast 25 paintings and above to see good results. 2. Please make in sizes 2FT and higher. Minor sizes do not sell much. 3. Please make art on canvas, rather than paper and other surfaces. 4. Warm shades (Yellow, Brown, Red, Orange) sell more than cool shades (Blue, Green, Mauve etc). 5. Please keep art unframed, or in a position that it can be removed from frame on order. If you upload art as framed, it would increase cost by quite a bit, as courier cost is very high to transport frames. 6. Art under Rs. 20,000 ($300) usually sell quickly

Do you hold offline Exhibitions ?

No, we only operate in Online mode.

After registering my artwork with, would I still be able to sell my artwork through other sales channels ?

Yes, you can sell on other sales channels too. However there is just one condition - whenever a sale is made on other channels, you would have to immediately mark it inactive in the artist portal too. If the artist fails in doing so, and somebody orders the sold painting on Fizdi – it would leave a very bad impression about us with the customer, and they might never return back. We will deactivate artists account in that case, and send notice for collection of our commission lost. We also urge artists to inform us if they are going on a long vacation so that we can keep their paintings invisible for that period of time.

I am unable to find a section where I can edit or delete already uploaded paintings. Where is it ?

You can edit your paintings by logging into and selecting "My Paintings" and then "Edit". Once you enter in the information, you can click "Submit". In case you have missed filling up any mandatory fields, system will prompt so before accepting your Edit request. To delete any painting from, you simply need to click Edit, scroll down and select "Make Inactive" and then click Submit.

I am unable to find ID and Password to login to my account. How to find the same ?

Your ID is always your Email Address. In case you have forgotten your password, please click on "Forgot Password" link on the login page. Click here to go to the page directly

I am trying to upload paintings, but it doesn't work. How to fix this ?

After you click on SUBMIT button please wait for few minutes to let painting image and details to be uploaded on our server. Upload images less than 10 MB. If it still doesn't work, please raise a request by clicking on "My Requests".

Do I need to have an art degree to be able to sell on your platform ?

Not at all. We focus more on art than the degree.